The International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy was created to support and promote ethical, evidence-based, cardiovascular pharmacotherapy worldwide. ISCP represents an ideal forum for open discussions on all issues related to cardiovascular pharmacotherapy and the society endeavours to foster collaboration among health professionals around the World. ISCP promotes education, research, and best clinical practice regarding the pharmacological treatment of cardiovascular conditions. ISCP ultimately aims to prevent cardiovascular disease where possible and improve patient well being through the pharmacological treatment of cardiac conditions. ISCP is a member of the World Heart Federation and currently has representatives –ISCP Governors– from over 40 countries around the World.


We welcome applications for membership from health professionals with an interest in cardiovascular drug treatment. We particularly value applications from junior members of the cardiovascular community and trainees in the different areas of pharmacotherapy. Details regarding membership categories and on-line registration can be found in the Home page of the website. The Junior Membership category, though free, offers many benefits and we encourage colleagues who fulfil criteria for Junior Membership to apply on-line and become involved in the activities of ISCP