Conversation with the authors of the Lancet Commission on NCDs and injuries among the poorest billion

November 26 ,2020

Overview:Last month, the Lancet NCDI Poverty Commission published a groundbreaking report on noncommunicable diseases and injuries (NCDIs) among the world’s poorest people. The report highlighted the fact that non-communicable diseases & injuries cause more death & disability at every age among the world’s poorest billion than in wealthy countries, and argues that 6 million lives could […] The post Conversation with the authors of the Lancet Commission on NCDs and injuries among the poorest billion appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

Announcing the World Heart Photography Competition

November 25 ,2020

Overview:WHF has launched a Photo Competition aimed at highlighting the challenges that people around the world face because of cardiovascular disease (CVD), as well as the actions that people are taking to promote heart health and support those affected by CVD. Photographers are invited to submit one or more photographs depicting the human side of […] The post Announcing the World Heart Photography Competition appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

Machine learning improves prediction of cerebral ischemia after subarachnoid hemorrhage

November 25 ,2020

Overview:Machine learning models significantly outperformed standard models in predicting delayed cerebral ischemia and functional outcomes at 3 months after a subarachnoid hemorrhage, according to findings published in Neurology.“After subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) is the biggest contributor to poor functional outcomes,” Jude P.J. Savarraj, PhD, a bioinformatics postdoctoral fellow in the department of neurosurgery at McGovern Medical School, and colleagues wrote. “Previous studies show that several [electronic medical record] parameters, including more

Thyroid dysfunction linked to worse survival in chronic HF

November 25 ,2020

Overview:Patients with chronic HF and hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism have increased risk for death compared with patients with normal thyroid levels, according to a retrospective analysis published in the American Journal of Cardiology.“Subclinical thyroid dysfunction is very common in patients with chronic HF, and patients with thyroid dysfunction have reduced survival compared to euthyroid patients,” Nathan A. Samuel, BSc, with the department of academic cardiology at Hull York Medical School and the Hull and East Yorkshire Medical Research and Teaching Centre at Castle Hill Hospital, more

USPSTF: Behavioral counseling beneficial for adults with known CV risk factors

November 24 ,2020

Overview:In an updated recommendation, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force stated that medium- and high-intensity counseling for dietary and physical activity behaviors may be beneficial among all adult patients with high BP and/or dyslipidemia.“This recommendation replaces the 2014 USPSTF recommendation on behavioral counseling to promote a healthy diet and physical activity for CVD prevention in adults with cardiovascular risk factors,” Alex H. Krist, MD, MPH, professor of family medicine and population health at Virginia Commonwealth University, clinician and teacher at the Fairfax more

Pharmaceutical payments, increased prescribing go hand in hand

November 24 ,2020

Overview:Financial payments from pharmaceutical companies were “consistently associated with increased prescribing” across a wide range of physician specialties, drug classes and prescribing decisions, according to the authors of a recent review.“All studies to date are unanimous: Accepting gifts from industry changes our prescribing and makes us worse doctors. Financial conflicts of interest with the drug industry are therefore contrary to our patients' interests,” Aaron P. Mitchell, MD, MPH, a medical oncologist at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, more

Less sedentary time may improve rates of HF hospitalization in older women

November 24 ,2020

Overview:Less daily sedentary time was associated with lower rates of HF hospitalization among postmenopausal women, according to a study published in Circulation: Heart Failure.“For heart failure prevention, we need to promote taking frequent breaks from prolonged sitting or lying down, in addition to trying to achieve guideline levels of physical activity, such as those recommended by the American Heart Association,” Michael J. LaMonte, PhD, MPH, associate professor of epidemiology in the School of Public Health and Health Professions at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York, more

Diabetes Awareness Month: 10 updates on its detection, risks, management

November 24 ,2020

Overview:Diabetes reduces life expectancy in middle-aged adults by up to 10 years and independently increases the risk for death from cancer, CVD and renal disease as much as threefold, according to the Lancet Commission on diabetes.“Prevention, early detection, prompt diagnosis and continuing care with regular monitoring and ongoing evaluation are key elements in reducing the growing burden of diabetes,” Juliana C.N. Chan, MB, ChB, MD, FRCP, the director of the Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity, and colleagues in the Commission wrote, noting the disease affected 463 million more

Pupil measurements added to American Heart Association guidance for brain injury prognosis

November 24 ,2020

Overview:Updated American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care included the Neurological Pupil Index and automated pupillometry as an objective measure of brain injury prognosis after cardiac arrest.Health care providers can assess pupillary light reflex with automated infrared pupillometry, according to a press release on the updated guidelines. The NPi-200 Pupillometer from NeurOptics, a medical technology company, measures pupil size and reactivity and calculates a patient’s neurological pupil index (NPi) value. NPi scores range from 0 to 4.9; scores under 3 more

CV health profiles worse among adults born preterm or with low birth weight vs. controls

November 23 ,2020

Overview:Adults who were born extremely preterm or had an extremely low birth weight had worse CV profiles compared with adult controls, according to findings published in Hypertension.“Young adults born preterm have less favorable cardiovascular health profiles than their term-born peers,” Jeanie L.Y. Cheong, MD, from Neonatal Services at Royal Women’s Hospital and Clinical Sciences at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Melbourne, told Healio. “This is especially in the profiles of blood pressure, exercise capacity, abdominal visceral fat and fasting glucose levels.” more

FDA approves AI algorithm suite for personal ECG device

November 23 ,2020

Overview:AliveCor announced its next-generation AI algorithms for ECG interpretation have received 510(k) clearance from the FDA.The company’s algorithm (AI V2), along with its Kardia devices and the mobile app, allows users to take a 30-second ECG and receive instant determinations of multiple cardiac conditions, including atrial fibrillation, according to a press release."Kardia AI V2 is the most sophisticated AI ever brought to personal ECG," Priya Abani, CEO for AliveCor, said in the release. "This suite of algorithms and visualizations will provide the platform for delivery of new consumer more

Increasing exercise intensity offers additional health benefits

November 23 ,2020

Overview:Although most health benefits associated with meeting recommended weekly exercise goals can be achieved through moderate physical activity, increasing vigorous physical activity can come with added health benefits, researchers said.The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend that adults participate in at least 150 to 300 minutes weekly of moderate intensity physical activity (MPA), 75 to 150 minutes weekly of vigorous physical activity (VPA) or an equivalent combination of both types of physical activity.Yafeng Wang, MSc, of the department of epidemiology and biostatistics more

Cloud-based cardiac monitor for real-time arrhythmia detection launched

November 23 ,2020

Overview:VitalConnect announced the launch of its AI-based continuous remote cardiac monitoring solution for patients who require extended Holter monitoring.The new system (VitalPatch RTM, VitalConnect) monitors for 21 cardiac arrhythmias, captures data on four key vital signs (heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate and activity) and, in real time, stores patient data on the company’s secure cloud (VitalCloud), where physicians can view the patient’s status at any time, according to a press release.“Our VitalPatch RTM combines a state-of-the-art solution to comfortably more

FDA authorizes emergency use of casirivimab, imdevimab for COVID-19

November 23 ,2020

Overview:The FDA granted emergency use authorization for the monoclonal antibodies casirivimab and imdevimab to be administered together intravenously for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19.According to a press release, this EUA pertains to adults and children aged 12 years and older with positive SARS-CoV-2 viral test results who weigh 88 pounds or more and are at high risk for progressing to severe COVID-19. Adults aged older than 65 years who have certain chronic medical conditions may also receive the treatment. The authorization does not extend to patients who are hospitalized or require more

Anticoagulation increases risk for death, transplant in patients with ILD

November 23 ,2020

Overview:The need for anticoagulation in patients with interstitial lung disease is associated with an increased risk for death and transplant, according to findings published in Chest.“Patients with ILD on anticoagulation have worse outcomes than those not on anticoagulation,” Christopher S. King, MD, pulmonologist at the Advanced Lung Disease and Transplant Clinic at Inova Fairfax Hospital, Virginia, told Healio. “It also appeared that warfarin had worse outcomes associated with it than [direct oral anticoagulants].”The analysis included 1,911 patients in the Pulmonary more

CPR success, survival to discharge in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest dropped amid COVID-19

November 23 ,2020

Overview:Rates of return of spontaneous circulation and survival to discharge for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest declined in the U.S. early during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with the previous year, researchers reported.These findings were consistent throughout the U.S, even in counties with low rates of COVID-19 deaths, according to the study presented at the virtual American Heart Association Scientific Sessions.“It [was] unclear what the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes have been in communities that were not as severely affected, with low and more

A review of atrial fibrillation (AF) and AF-related stroke public health policies

November 23 ,2020

Overview:For many, a stroke will be the first sign of atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common heart arrhythmia worldwide affecting nearly 33.5 million individuals. However, this number is likely underestimated due to asymptomatic individuals remaining undiagnosed and unaware that their symptoms are a sign of AF. Individuals ≥ 65 years of age are disproportionately affected, […] The post A review of atrial fibrillation (AF) and AF-related stroke public health policies appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

Childhood smoke exposure reduces LV function

November 22 ,2020

Overview:Passive smoke exposure in childhood was associated with a reduction in global longitudinal strain, a marker of left ventricular dysfunction, in adulthood, researchers reported at the virtual American Heart Association Scientific Sessions.“Children should be protected from passive smoking, as this has not only effects on children at the time of exposure, but also long into the future,” Chigozie Ezebge, MBBS, MPH, PhD candidate, and Seana Gall, MD, National Heart Foundation of Australia Future Leader Fellow, both at Menzies Institute for Medical Research at the University of more

Top news from VIVA: Drug-coated devices, treatments for PAD and more

November 21 ,2020

Overview:Healio and Cardiology Today have aggregated the most-read news from the virtual VIVA 20.Readers were most interested in the use of drug-coated devices and intravascular lithotripsy in peripheral artery disease, deep venous arterialization for severe CLI and more.In a pooled analysis of two randomized controlled trials of a low-dose paclitaxel-coated balloon to treat PAD, there was no mortality difference between the paclitaxel-coated balloon and an uncoated balloon at 4 years. Read moreA fully percutaneous bypass system using the femoral vein as a conduit was associated with high rates of more

Aspiration system for PE receives expanded indication

November 20 ,2020

Overview:Penumbra announced its aspiration system to treat pulmonary embolism has received clearance for an expanded indication from the FDA.The system (Indigo CAT 12 aspiration catheter with lightning intelligent aspiration [Lightning 12] and Separator 12), already indicated to treat PE, is now indicated to treat fresh, soft emboli from vessels of the peripheral arterial and venous systems, according to a press release from the company.The treatment may reduce the need for thrombolytics use and ICU stays, the company stated in the release.“Penumbra continues to strive to bring innovative more

Mavacamten may improve structural abnormalities of obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

November 20 ,2020

Overview:Mavacamten improved left ventricular hypertrophy, decreased measures of heart stiffness and restored normal mitral valve motion in patients with obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, according to an analysis of the EXPLORER-HCM trial.Mavacamten (MyoKardia) is an oral, allosteric modulator of cardiac myosin. This therapy was developed to target the underlying cause of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.As Healio previously reported at the virtual European Society of Cardiology Congress, mavacamten improved symptoms, quality of life and functional status compared with placebo in patients with more

MRI serves as ‘useful addition’ in clinical evaluation of suspected stroke

November 20 ,2020

Overview:The initial diagnosis of non-ischemic events, or “stroke mimics,” occurred more frequently in women than men in a secondary analysis of DOUBT study data, though diagnostic revisions were often made for both men and women.The findings, which were published in Neurology, also indicated that early brain MRI “is a useful addition” to the clinical evaluation of transient or minor neurological events.“Brain MRI is frequently done in patients who are suspected to have strokes, but this study focused on patients who have mild symptoms like numbness or dizziness,” more

EARLY-AF: Ablation bests antiarrhythmic drugs as first-line intervention

November 20 ,2020

Overview:Cryoballoon ablation was associated with significant improvement over antiarrhythmic drugs as a first-line intervention in preventing atrial fibrillation events, according to the results of the EARLY-AF trial.“Currently, contemporary guidelines recommend a trial of antiarrhythmic drugs prior to considering catheter ablation,” Jason G. Andrade, MD, director of the Atrial Fibrillation Clinic, Electrodiagnostics and Cardiac Electrophysiology at the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, said during his presentation at the virtual American Heart Association Scientific Sessions. more

Slovenian Heart Foundation – putting families at the heart of action

November 18 ,2020

Overview:This September, the Slovenian Heart Foundation (SHF) celebrated World Heart Day by organizing several events dedicated to family activities – the perfect place to start taking action to improve your heart health. The campaign, which also highlighted the link between COVID-19 and CVD, received the support of the World Heart Federation through the World Heart […] The post Slovenian Heart Foundation – putting families at the heart of action appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

World Heart Grants 2020 winners announced

November 18 ,2020

Overview:We are thrilled to announce the 21 WHF Member organizations who have been selected to receive a World Heart Grant of up to USD 2,000. Funded programmes support organizational capacity-building projects, online activities for healthcare professionals, media campaigns and initiatives promoting World Heart Day in their local communities. World Heart Grant Recipients and Projects: Colombia […] The post World Heart Grants 2020 winners announced appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

Highlights from WHA73: leaving no disease behind during the pandemic

November 17 ,2020

Overview:The World Health Assembly is the decision-making body of WHO. It is attended by delegations from all WHO Member States and focuses on a specific health agenda prepared by the Executive Board. The main functions of the World Health Assembly are to determine the policies of the Organization, supervise financial policies, and review and approve […] The post Highlights from WHA73: leaving no disease behind during the pandemic appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

WHA73: Statement from WHF and the Global Coalition on COVID-19 and NCDs

November 12 ,2020

Overview:73rd WORLD HEALTH ASSEMBLY – Agenda Item 11.2. Joint Statement by the World Heart Federation and Global Coalition for Circulatory Health. Honorable Chair, distinguished delegates, Given the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people living with NCDs and circulatory conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, CVD, and stroke, the International Society of Nephrology, International […] The post WHA73: Statement from WHF and the Global Coalition on COVID-19 and NCDs appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

Can the digital age remedy the unequal healthcare access that preceded it?

November 05 ,2020

Overview:For decades, the digital age has been revolutionizing our lives. The healthcare sector was among the first to harness the opportunities that digital technology makes possible. If we can find one winning outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic, it could be that the tools of digital health, for example telemedicine, saw increased uptake and often, effectively […] The post Can the digital age remedy the unequal healthcare access that preceded it? appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

The diabetes-heart connection and the threat of COVID-19

November 04 ,2020

Overview:More than 400 million people are already living with type 2 diabetes and the number is rising on every continent. In the COVID-19 pandemic, diabetes has emerged as one of the most threatening underlying illnesses that complicates effective treatment. Diabetes was also a risk factor for severe disease and mortality in the SARS, MERS and […] The post The diabetes-heart connection and the threat of COVID-19 appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

Heart Talks: 10 calls to action from world class public health experts

October 21 ,2020

Overview:On 8 October, the World Heart Federation convened the first of our four-part Heart Talks webinar series, challenging public health experts from policymaking, international organizations, academia, public health, and the private sector to look beyond the doom & gloom into the future of future of CVD & NCD management.   Hosted by Prof. Tom Gaziano […] The post Heart Talks: 10 calls to action from world class public health experts appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

ACC.20/WCC Virtual continues!

April 05 ,2020

Overview:The World Heart Federation and American College of Cardiology held their first ever virtual congress March 28-30. But it’s not over. All of the ACC.20/WCC Virtual live sessions are now available on demand, along with additional videos, abstracts and slides — all for FREE. This includes Late-Breaking Clinical Trials, Featured Clinical Research, Young Investigator Awards, Keynotes, and more. All content will […] more

2020 ISCP Annual Meeting cancelled

February 26 ,2020

Overview:Notice of Cancellation We regret to have to inform our colleagues and friends that the 2020 ISCP Annual Scientific Meeting in Miami will now be cancelled. The Board of Directors of ISCP was forced to take the decision based on advice from different sources raising concern about the threat posed by the Covid-19 virus which […] more

European Cardiology Review (ECR) now on PubMed and PubMed Central

October 30 ,2018

Overview:    European Cardiology Review (ECR) confirms that it has been accepted for indexing on PubMed Central and PubMed. All ECR articles starting from the first issue in July 2014, will now be published online in full on PubMed Central, providing greater access for our authors’ articles amongst the global cardiology community. ECR is a […] more

WHF to attend the WHO Executive Board meeting in January 2017

January 23 ,2017

Overview:From 23 January to 01 February 2017, the World Health Organization(WHO) will host the 140th session. From 23 January to 01 February 2017, the World Health Organization(WHO) will host the 140th session. From 23 January to 01 February 2017, the World Health Organization(WHO) will host the 140th session. From 23 January to 01 February 2017, […] more