Research links inflammatory proteins with COVID-19 severity

July 09 ,2020

Overview:Investigators have identified inflammatory proteins, known as neutrophil extracellular traps, that may contribute to the onset of cardiac complications among patients with COVID-19 infection, according to study results published in Blood.“Our studies in experimental models of sepsis have shown that inhibition of neutrophil extracellular traps [NET] formation using neonatal NET-inhibitory factor [nNIF] improves survival and illness severity among patients with COVID-19,” Christian Con Yost, MD, associate professor in the department of pediatrics at University of Utah Health, told more

Shorter AF episodes pre-ablation may lead to lower arrhythmia recurrence after procedure

July 09 ,2020

Overview:Patients who had atrial fibrillation episodes of less than 24 continuous hours had a lower incidence of arrhythmia recurrence after ablation compared with those with longer episodes, researchers found.“The current study adds to this body of evidence by demonstrating that patients with AF episode durations longer than 24 hours had a significantly greater recurrence of AF after ablation and a significantly higher post-ablation AF burden compared with patients with shorter-duration AF,” Jason G. Andrade, MD, assistant professor in the division of cardiology at the University of more

CVD genetic testing in athletes may be viable when deep clinical factors fail to diagnose

July 09 ,2020

Overview:In an Italian study of elite and amateur athletes with suspected inherited CVD, researchers demonstrated that the presence of more than three clinical markers was highly indicative of a positive diagnosis from genetic testing for CVD.According to the study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, these clinical markers included a family history of CVD, ECG abnormalities, echocardiogram abnormalities and nonsustained ventricular tachycardia during an exercise stress test.“The importance of pre-participation screening and risk stratification of athletes has been more

Stroke risk higher in COVID-19 vs. influenza

July 09 ,2020

Overview:Patients who visited the ED or were hospitalized for COVID-19 had a higher risk for ischemic stroke compared with those with ED visits or hospitalizations for influenza, researchers found.“We found that COVID-19 was associated with a far greater risk for stroke than the flu and stress the importance of combating this deadly disease,” Alexander E. Merkler, MD, assistant professor of neurology and neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medicine, told Healio. “Our findings highlight the fact that COVID is not the same as the flu. COVID is far more serious, as we found that COVID is more

Mitral valve replacement reduces mitral regurgitation, lowers HF hospitalization risk

July 09 ,2020

Overview:Among patients who underwent transcatheter mitral valve replacement for severe mitral regurgitation, 93% of those who survived to the 2-year follow-up had trace or no mitral regurgitation, researchers reported.Although 2-year mortality was 39%, the rate was clinically acceptable due to advanced age at baseline, according to data presented at the virtual PCR e-Course.“Historically, people who were ineligible for standard-of-care surgeries to treat their mitral or tricuspid regurgitation were limited to symptom management, which does not address the underlying condition,” Paul more

The ‘Strange Fruit’ that haunts my days and dreams as a Black physician

July 09 ,2020

Overview:Billie Holiday recorded “Strange Fruit” in 1937.“Southern trees bear a strange fruit Blood on the leaves and blood at the root Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees”It is a beautifully sung protest of a deeply inhumane American legacy of racism — lynching. Imagine, only in 2020, the House passed The Emmett Till Antilynching Act, making lynching a federal crime. Having this anti-lynching bill stonewalled by the Senate from becoming law while we simultaneously see global protests against police brutality in more

Women with migraine aura have higher CVD rates

July 09 ,2020

Overview:Women who developed migraine with aura had a higher incidence rate of CVD vs. women who developed migraine without aura or had no migraine, according to a cohort study published in JAMA.“The contribution of migraine with aura in direct relation to the contribution of other major vascular risk factors has, to the best of my knowledge, never been shown before,” Tobias Kurth, MD, ScD, professor at the Institute of Public Health at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin in Berlin, told Healio Primary Care.Researchers reviewed lipid measurement data from 27,858 women (mean more

WHF and Astra Zeneca publish new Heart Failure Gap Report

July 09 ,2020

Overview:Heart failure (HF) affects approximately 64 million people worldwide and is a condition where a person’s heart cannot pump enough blood to their organs. While the prevalence of the condition increases with age and most patients are over 60 years old, HF can affect people of any age. People with HF experience significant impairment of […] The post WHF and Astra Zeneca publish new Heart Failure Gap Report appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

Caloric deficiencies increase readmission risk in HF

July 08 ,2020

Overview:Patients with HF who had insufficient calorie intake had increased burden of readmission and a poor quality of life after discharge, according to findings from the GOURMET-HF trial.“The present findings demonstrate the prognostic value of dietary assessment in hospitalized patients with HF and provide another possible method to select appropriate patients for dietary intervention,” Feriha Bilgen, MPH, RD, dietetic intern at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and colleagues wrote in the study published in JACC: Heart Failure.Researchers analyzed data from 57 patients (mean more

Petition, medical societies urge nationwide mask mandate

July 08 ,2020

Overview:More than 4,000 people have signed an online petition urging members of Congress to implement a national mandate that requires all Americans to wear masks or face coverings in public to stop the spread of COVID-19.The petition, which is still accepting signatures, was started by Illinois Medical Professionals Action Collaborative Team, or IMPACT, an organization co-founded by Shikha Jain MD, FACP. Jain is also host of Healio’s online podcast Oncology Overdrive.“A national mandate for universal masking will not only save lives, but it will also allow our businesses to reopen with a more

New algorithm effectively diagnoses acute MI in left bundle branch block

July 08 ,2020

Overview:Researchers in Spain reported they validated the diagnostic accuracy of the BARCELONA algorithm for acute MI among patients with suspected MI and left bundle branch block who were referred for primary PCI.“Patients with left bundle branch block referred for primary PCI are the target population that could benefit the most from an improved electrocardiographic diagnosis of acute MI,” Andrea Di Marco, MD, in the arrhythmia unit of the Heart Disease Institute at Bellvitge University Hospital in Barcelona, Spain, and colleagues wrote. “Because of the lack of a reliable more

Drone delivery of AED for cardiac arrest may result in earlier CPR

July 08 ,2020

Overview:Delivery by drones of automated external defibrillators for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest was feasible and, in simulations, resulted in faster initiation of CPR, researchers reported.“We had done previous research to suggest that response time to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, particularly in rural and remote communities, could be improved by employing drone-delivered AEDs as part of a 911 emergency medical services response,” Sheldon Cheskes, MD, affiliate scientist at Sunnybrook Centre for Prehospital Medicine, Toronto, told Healio. “Our research aimed to see if the use more

Insertable cardiac monitor for remote care nets FDA clearance

July 08 ,2020

Overview:Medtronic announced it received FDA clearance and a CE mark for its insertable cardiac monitor with remote programming.The new system (LINQ II, Medtronic) also has improved longevity of up to 4.5 years when used at normal settings, according to a press release from the company.“In the current COVID-19 environment, the LINQ II system offers patients a seamless way to experience ongoing connectivity between their device and their physician, while reducing the need for in-office visits,” Rob Kowal, MD, PhD, chief medical officer of the Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure division at more

Researchers look to radiotherapy to treat severe cases of COVID-19

July 08 ,2020

Overview:Several trials exploring radiation’s potential as a treatment for critically ill patients with COVID-19 are underway in the United States.“COVID-19 patients often demonstrate a cytokine storm secondary to overactivation of the body’s own immune system,” Arnab Chakravarti, MD, chair of radiation oncology at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, told Healio Primary Care. “Administering ultra-low-dose radiation through high-energy X-ray beams may tamp down these more

Statin initiation may lower mortality risk in older veterans

July 07 ,2020

Overview:Statin initiation in older U.S. veterans free from atherosclerotic CVD at baseline reduced the risk for CV and all-cause mortality, researchers found in a retrospective cohort study.“In this retrospective analysis, we found that the risk of dying from any cause was lower by 25% among veterans who were newly prescribed a statin compared with those who were not treated with statins,” Ariela R. Orkaby, MD, MPH, geriatrician and researcher at the VA Boston Health Care System and in the division of aging at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, told Healio. “The more

Stroke of undetermined source most commonly followed by another embolic stroke

July 07 ,2020

Overview:After an initial embolic stroke of undetermined source, or ESUS, the most prevalent recurrent infarct was another ESUS, according to an analysis of the NAVIGATE-ESUS trial.Researchers also noted that atrial fibrillation was strongly associated with morbidity and mortality among patients with recurrent ischemic stroke.“The predominance of embolic features in most of the recurrent strokes after ESUS found in our analysis supports the validity of the ESUS construct in terms of embolism as the pathogenic mechanism,” Roland Veltkamp, MD, of the department of neurology at Alfried Krupp more

Novel transcatheter mitral valve repair systems improve regurgitation, functional class

July 07 ,2020

Overview:At 1 year, leaflet transcatheter mitral valve repair demonstrated low rate of complications, high survival and sustained mitral regurgitation reduction, according to results of the CLASP study presented at the virtual PCR e-course.Also presented at the virtual meeting, researchers reported on the safety and efficacy of the first-in-human trials of transseptal transcatheter mitral valve replacement for mitral regurgitation among high-risk patients.Healio previously reported on the 6-month findings of the CLASP study, presented at the Heart Failure Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting. more

Revascularization fails to improve survival in stable ischemic heart disease

July 07 ,2020

Overview:In a meta-analysis of 14 randomized trials of patients with stable ischemic heart disease, revascularization did not reduce risk for mortality but did improve certain other outcomes, researchers reported at the virtual PCR e-Course.Compared with patients assigned medical therapy alone, those assigned revascularization (PCI or CABG) plus medical therapy had reduced risk for nonprocedural MI and unstable angina and increased risk for procedural MI, according to the researchers, who simultaneously published the findings in Circulation.“Even with the publication of the ISCHEMIA trial, there more

FDA authorizes platform that predicts COVID-19 complications

July 07 ,2020

Overview:The FDA issued an emergency use authorization for CLEWICU, an artificial intelligence-based platform that identifies several COVID-19 complications hours before they occur, the manufacturer said in a press release.“CLEWICU is a subscription software service deployed on the cloud that provides each customer a unique setup that varies based on many factors like size, term and integration needs,” Mitch Steiner, chief commercial officer of CLEW, told Healio Primary Care.Gal Salomon, co-founder and CEO of CLEW, added that the company’s artificial intelligence-based algorithms more

MACE risk after PCI higher for Black patients than white patients

July 06 ,2020

Overview:Black race independently predicted worse outcomes after PCI, according to an analysis of 10 randomized trials that included Black, white, Asian and Hispanic patients.The analysis, which was published in JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions, found that Black, Hispanic and Asian patients enrolled in these trials had more comorbidities compared with white patients.“Improving health care and outcomes for minorities is essential, and we are hopeful that our work may help direct these efforts,” Gregg W. Stone, MD, director of academic affairs for the Mount Sinai Heart Health System, more

FDA approves Bluetooth-capable ICD, CRT-D for continuous remote monitoring

July 06 ,2020

Overview:Abbott announced that the FDA approved its next-generation Bluetooth-capable implantable cardioverter defibrillator and cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator devices.The devices (Gallant, Abbott) offer Bluetooth connectivity to a patient’s smartphone app for improved remote monitoring and patient/physician engagement, according to a press release from the company.According to the release, the system pairs with company’s iOS and Android compatible smartphone app (myMerlinPulse, Abbott), which can provide patients with access to data such as device performance and more

Zambia Heart and Stroke Foundation launches Heart Heroes school campaign

June 24 ,2020

Overview:The Zambia Heart and Stroke Foundation recently launched a new initiative designed to educate schoolchildren about rheumatic heart disease and raise awareness of the negative impact that tobacco and alcohol consumption can have on their hearts. The Heart Heroes school campaign is supported by the World Heart Grant Programme. The activity was organized by the […] The post Zambia Heart and Stroke Foundation launches Heart Heroes school campaign appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

2020 Emerging Leaders cohort announced

June 23 ,2020

Overview:The 2020 Emerging Leaders cohort, which includes candidates from 17 countries across 5 continents, has been announced. The WHF Salim Yusuf Emerging Leaders Programme was created by the World Heart Federation to form and develop a long-term cadre of experts who collaborate, research, and act to reduce premature mortality from cardiovascular disease globally. The Programme, […] The post 2020 Emerging Leaders cohort announced appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

WHF supports Global Heart Hub’s call to #JustGo in cardiac emergencies

June 17 ,2020

Overview:One of the unintended consequences of COVID-19 is that people suffering heart attacks and strokes delay seeking medical help, resulting in worse outcomes. Heart attack and stroke victims worldwide are avoiding hospitals, presenting too late to benefit from life-saving treatment. Also, individuals with known heart conditions experiencing new or worsening symptoms delay seeking medical attention […] The post WHF supports Global Heart Hub’s call to #JustGo in cardiac emergencies appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

WHF Global Study on CVD and COVID-19

June 16 ,2020

Overview:To better understand the intersection between cardiovascular disease and COVID-19, the World Heart Federation (WHF) has launched a global prospective cohort study which aims to better describe cardiovascular outcomes and identify cardiovascular risk factors associated with poor prognosis in patients with COVID-19. The study is supported by the WHF Science Committee and led by: Professor Karen Sliwa, […] The post WHF Global Study on CVD and COVID-19 appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

Developing a strategy in the time of COVID-19

May 25 ,2020

Overview:An interview with WHF CEO Jean-Luc Eiselé At the end of this year, the WHF strategy 2018-2020 is coming to an end. It is a challenging time for everyone, for our Members, and in particular for those involved directly in the fight against COVID-19, not just in clinical practice, but also in hospital management and […] The post Developing a strategy in the time of COVID-19 appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

The Uganda Heart-Research Foundation develops treatment guidelines for common CVD conditions in Uganda

May 21 ,2020

Overview:Between December 2019 and February 2020, the Uganda Heart-Research Foundation (UHRF) launched the development of the first standardized treatment guidelines for the common cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in Uganda. The activity was organized by the UHRF in collaboration with cardiologists from the leading medical schools and university teaching institutions in the country, Kiruddu National Referral Hospital, […] The post The Uganda Heart-Research Foundation develops treatment guidelines for common CVD conditions in Uganda appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

A World Health Assembly Like No Other

May 19 ,2020

Overview:13 hours of negotiations across 24 time zones to ensure no one is left behind in the fight against COVID-19 This year’s World Health Assembly (WHA73) was nothing if not surprising. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, for the first time ever the annual meeting of the Member States that make up the World Health […] The post A World Health Assembly Like No Other appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

PHFI announces eLearning courses 2020-2021 on Health Promotion and Tobacco Control

May 19 ,2020

Overview:The Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) is a public private initiative that has collaboratively evolved as a response to redress the limited institutional capacity in India for strengthening training, research and policy development in the area of Public Health. These courses commenced in 2011 as a capacity-building initiative for those looking to gain a […] The post PHFI announces eLearning courses 2020-2021 on Health Promotion and Tobacco Control appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

A new virus but a known target: stepping up the case for heart health

May 18 ,2020

Overview:By the beginning of 2020, when we heard of a novel coronavirus and its potentially severe consequences, the race was on to learn everything we could and should about it. Before long, and with so much still to be discovered, an unfortunate trend emerged: severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) or Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) […] The post A new virus but a known target: stepping up the case for heart health appeared first on World Heart Federation. more

ACC.20/WCC Virtual continues!

April 05 ,2020

Overview:The World Heart Federation and American College of Cardiology held their first ever virtual congress March 28-30. But it’s not over. All of the ACC.20/WCC Virtual live sessions are now available on demand, along with additional videos, abstracts and slides — all for FREE. This includes Late-Breaking Clinical Trials, Featured Clinical Research, Young Investigator Awards, Keynotes, and more. All content will […] more

2020 ISCP Annual Meeting cancelled

February 26 ,2020

Overview:Notice of Cancellation We regret to have to inform our colleagues and friends that the 2020 ISCP Annual Scientific Meeting in Miami will now be cancelled. The Board of Directors of ISCP was forced to take the decision based on advice from different sources raising concern about the threat posed by the Covid-19 virus which […] more

European Cardiology Review (ECR) now on PubMed and PubMed Central

October 30 ,2018

Overview:    European Cardiology Review (ECR) confirms that it has been accepted for indexing on PubMed Central and PubMed. All ECR articles starting from the first issue in July 2014, will now be published online in full on PubMed Central, providing greater access for our authors’ articles amongst the global cardiology community. ECR is a […] more

WHF to attend the WHO Executive Board meeting in January 2017

January 23 ,2017

Overview:From 23 January to 01 February 2017, the World Health Organization(WHO) will host the 140th session. From 23 January to 01 February 2017, the World Health Organization(WHO) will host the 140th session. From 23 January to 01 February 2017, the World Health Organization(WHO) will host the 140th session. From 23 January to 01 February 2017, […] more