ISCP e-Newsletter – December 2023

Editors’ Section

As this year comes to an end, Prof Sang Hong Baek will be passing the Presidency of the ISCP over to Prof Alberto Lorenzatti for 2024.

Congratulations to Sang Hong Baek, the rest of the organising committee as well as the Scientific Committee for running a successful ISCP Scientific Meeting in Seoul.

Our next ISCP in-person meeting “Pharmacy Meets Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy – An Update on Metabolic Syndrome” will be held in Salzburg, Austria, on 22nd & 23rd March 2024.

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Editors: Lourdes Marenco, John McNeil
& Lisa Demos

President’s Section

Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the December edition of our newsletter! As the President of the society, it is my pleasure to extend a warm greeting to all of you once again.

I am pleased to inform you that the 28th Annual Scientific Meeting, held in Seoul from November 23-25, was a great success. The number of attendees exceeded 300 from 23 countries. The Henry Neufeld Memorial Lecture, dedicated to the founder and the first president of ISCP, was delivered by Professor Mark Pfeffer from Harvard University. There were 77 valuable abstracts, with 27 travel grants, and awards for the top five selections.

Furthermore, this year marks the 40th anniversary of our society, ISCP. I would like to express my gratitude to all members, staff, board members, and past Presidents of our society. Their invaluable contributions of time and expertise have played a crucial role in our success.

The aim of the newsletter is to provide you, especially young members with the most up-to-date and relevant information in the field of cardiovascular pharmacotherapy. Together, we can advance the clinical practice of cardiovascular medicine and improve patient outcomes.

This greeting in the newsletter will be the last one for my term as president in 2023. I would like to express my thanks for your continued strong support and dedication. Please join the President-elect Professor Alberto Lorenzatti for a promising future.

Let’s end the year 2023 well and prepare for a great start to the upcoming new year.

Thank you and enjoy the newsletter.

Sang Hong Baek
ISCP President

Social Media

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We are thrilled to announce the dates to our next ASM which will take place on 31st October, 1st & 2nd November 2024 in Sao Paulo, Brazil! So please mark your calendars and look out for more information and the preliminary programme coming out soon. Follow us on social media for the latest updates!

ISCP Empowering Practice Educational Series – A NEW SEASON!

We hope to unveil the ISCP Empowering Practice Educational Series (ISCP-EPES) comprising a thematic triad of: The A to Z of CV Pharmacotherapy Webinar; CataLysing ReAl-world CV Pharmacotherapy (CLAP); CV Pharmacotherapy Pearls. Each theme stretches two months, with the webinar as the forerunner and closely followed by the publication of a CLAP and a Pearl.

Take Part in ISCP Educational Programmes 2024-2025:

As an ISCP Member, one of the benefits is to have the opportunity to be considered as a Speaker on our CME live webinars, to take part in the panel as an Expert or to publish Expert Opinions about novel information that is relevant to the Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy community. If you wish to take active part of our educational activities, please send an email to with your areas of interests and your CV to discuss further.

Professor William (Bill) Louis, Past President of ISCP (2003-2005)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Professor William (Bill) Louis, inaugural Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of Melbourne and Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Hypertension Services at Austin Health, on Friday 14th April 2023, after a short illness.

Professor Louis was born in Stawell, Victoria and graduated with MB, BS from The University of Melbourne in 1960. After residency training at The Royal Melbourne and Royal Children’s Hospitals in 1961-1963, he become a Third Assistant (Lecturer) and Second Assistant (Senior Lecturer) in 1964 and 1966, respectively. With the support of a National Heart Foundation Overseas Research Fellowship, Professor Louis was appointed a Visiting Scientist of theExperimental Therapeutics Branch of The National Heart and Lung Institute of the NIH in the USA and an Assistant Physician at St Mary’s Hospital in London, in 1967-1970. These appointments resulted in his seminal studies on the role of catecholamines and the renin-angiotensin system in the pathophysiology of hypertension.

After returning to The University of Melbourne, in 1973 he became the inaugural Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University and Head of the Austin’s Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Hypertension at the age of 36, a position he held until his retirement in 2008. Upon accepting this position, Professor Louis was the youngest person to be appointed as a Professor of Medicine at the University and his chair represented the first of its kind at an Australian institution.

Whilst continuing his prodigious research output in cardiovascular therapeutics, with over 380 publications and over 70 patents, Professor Louis attracted significant and sustained research funding. Due to his global reputation in this field, he was invited to present at multiple national and global conferences and served on many specialist international societies, including the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy as well as serving as the President of the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists. Professor Louis advised on national and international journal editorial boards and government funding committees, including the NHMRC and The National Heart Foundation of Australia and trained many PhD students.

Professor Louis was also an eminent clinician, being mentor to clinical pharmacology registrars and the co-founder of the Austin’s toxicology service, as well as serving on many hospital and government therapeutics committees, including the RACP, PBAC and ADEC.

Professor Louis was acting Head of the Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne at Austin Health. He was also a recipient of the Austin Hospital’s Distinguished Scientist Award. He was an outstanding, globally recognised expert in cardiovascular pharmacology and clinical mentor and colleague to many and will be sorely missed. Our condolences to his wife Sue and sons Neil, Simon and Marc, and their families.

Albert Frauman & John McNeil

ISCP 2023: 28th International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy Annual Scientific Meeting

The ISCP Annual Scientific Meeting was held in conjunction with KSCVP (Korean Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy), and KSCP (Korean Society of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention) meeting in Seoul, South Korea on 23rd-25th November 2023. Here are some stats that prove the success of this year’s ASM. The meeting had 324 in-person participants from 24 different countries.

The Scientific Committee received an overwhelming amount of abstracts for consideration, of which 77 were accepted, from which 27 received travel grants to attend the meeting in person, and 5 of them were awarded some great prizes as selected the top 5. You will be able to read these shortly in our Journal, the ECR.

We had a total of 141 speakers, chairpersons and members of the panel who delivered a whopping 29 sessions across 2 days of congress: 4 Plenary Lectures including Henry N. Neufeld Memorial Lecture by Prof Marc Alan Pfeffer from Harvard University, 9 Sponsors sessions, 13 Symposia and 3 Special lectures -Hot Topic, Meet the Editor, Special Lecture.

A huge effort resulted in excellent team work, both locally in Seoul and from abroad. We are extremely satisfied with the results and so were the participants as the feedback has been exceptionally positive.  See you next in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for ISCP 2024!

News from World Heart Federation (WHF)

WHF Guidelines for the Echocardiographic Diagnosis of Rheumatic Heart Disease: launched at World Congress on Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD).

WHF Policy Brief on Nicotine and Cardiovascular Health: new policy brief to raise awareness about the harmful effects of nicotine on cardiovascular health.

Fourth Universal Definition of MI: A joint ESC/ACC/AHA/WHF Taskforce will assemble in 2024 to consider an updated definition of MI to better adapt to evolving knowledge, enabling healthcare professionals to accurately diagnose and manage MI in a more precise and patient-centred manner.

World Heart Report 2023 Confronting the World’s Number One Killer: World Heart Federation. 2023

ISCP Book Series: Current Cardiovascular Therapy

The Current Cardiovascular Therapy Series provides both an in-depth view of the science and pharmacology behind these drugs and a practical guide to their usage. Each volume contains practical illustrations and is designed to improve understanding and practical usage of cardiovascular drugs in specific clinical areas.

The Springer series includes 9 books available as e-books or in softcover at a discounted rate for ISCP members. These include: Antiplatelet and Anticoagulation Therapy; Pharmacological Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndromes; Atrial Fibrillation Therapy; Cardiac Drugs in Pregnancy; Pharmacotherapy in Aortic Disease; Pharmacologic Trends of Heart Failure; Pharmacological Treatment of Chronic Stable Angina Pectoris; ACEi and ARBS in Hypertension and Heart Failure; Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension

European Cardiology Review (ECR) – Official ISCP Journal

We are delighted to share that in 2023 ISCP Journal was accepted for inclusion in the Journal Citation Reports 2023 list from Clarivate, with a Journal Impact Factor of 3.0, and ranked 9 out of 69 journals in ESCI’s Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems list.

The European Cardiology Review (ECR) is a PubMed indexed, peer-reviewed, gold open access journal comprising balanced review articles, systematic reviews, expert opinions and editorials. The journal is led by Editor-in-Chief Juan Carlos Kaski, along with Associate Editor Pablo Avanzas and is supported by an editorial board of world-renowned physicians.

The ECR website also provides access to a large range of additional relevant resources such as special focus collections, webinars, on demand videos and podcasts.

ECR volume 18 is available here with all articles free to read and download via the journal website. Recent articles include: Cardiovascular Disease and COVID-19 Vaccines: A Systematic Review and Analysis of Published Cases; Coronary Artery Spasm: A Special Focus Issue; The Evolution of Coronary Artery Spasm: How the Pendulum Has Swung; Gaps in Modern Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease Research.  

For information on submitting an article, please contact Jonathan McKenna,

“ISCP Around the World” Meetings and Joint Sessions

 ISCP Council of Governors (CoG) Annual Meeting

It took place fully online on Wednesday 13th December and it was a very interactive session, and an excellent opportunity where our President, President Elect, and a few special guests not only reported on 2023 activities and the support received from the CoGs, but also discussed the strategy and plans for the next year, especially with regards to regional representation, online impact and reach, the rebrand of ISCP, and the educational and scientific aspects of our Society. There was a lot of feedback and exchange of ideas on how to best support our Governors as “ISCP Ambassadors” for the next 12 months, and it was motivating to see the enthusiasm and support from a network that our society has worked so hard to build.

Collaborations with other Societies – Upcoming Joint Sessions in 2024

We are working on developing some fantastic joint sessions with various international societies in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular health, such as the WHF, the ESC, and SIAC (Sociedad Interamericana de Cardiologia). We will announce these and a few more over social media so please follow us so you don’t miss out!

Upcoming Meetings, Courses and Workshops

Pharmacy Meets Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy
An Update on Metabolic Syndrome
Salzburg, Austria
22 – 23 March 2024

ESC Preventive Cardiology 2024
Athens. Greece
25 – 27 April 2024

Oriental Congress of Cardiology Together
with the World Congress 0f Cardiology
Shanghai, China
27-30 June 2024

ESC Congress 2024
London & Online
30 August – 2 September 2024

Heart Failure 2024
Lisbon, Portugal
11 – 14 May 2024

World Heart Summit 2024
Geneva, Switzerland
24 – 26 May 2024

ISCP Annual Scientific Meeting 2024
Sao Paulo, Brazil
31st October – 2nd November 2024

10th Cuban Congress of Cardiology
La Havana, Cuba
7-10 November 2023

AHA Congress 2024
Chicalo,  USA
16-18 November 2024

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