23rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the ISCP – Kyoto, Japan

Dear colleagues,

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who joined us in Kyoto for the 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy (ISCP).  

Participants from more than 20 countries attended the meeting and we  trust that the congress was as fulfilling, educational and rewarding for you as it seemed to be for those to whom we spoke. We hope that the excellent program brings you fruitful expertise in your career and that it helps you develop collaboration with your colleagues in the world of pharmacotherapy so that our message is spread worldwide.

For those who could not attend we will be shortly be offering you many items from the programme on the website and hope that they will be of interest and encourage you to join us in Lugano for our 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting on the 9th and 10th of May.

With warmest regards,
Koji Hasegawa
Chair, ISCP 2018 Kyoto
President, ISCP

Meeting Highlights

An honorary adviser of the ISCP 2018 Kyoto meeting was Chuichi Kawai, Emeritus Professor of Kyoto University. Professor Kawai served as the President of World Heart Federation during 1987-1988, and chaired the 3rd ISCP Congress in 1989. We celebrated his 90th birthday in honour of his great achievements for internationalization of cardiology and out of respect for his positive attitude toward clinical cardiology.

Professor Lina Badimon gave The Henry N. Neufeld Memorial Award Lecture on Precision Medicine: Molecular Phenotyping in Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy. Prof Badimon is from the Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (ICCC), the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and CIBERCV, Carlos III Institute in Spain.


The Welcome Reception and Prof Lina Badimon giving The Henry N. Neufeld Memorial Award Lecture


The following received Young Investigator Awards: Yusuke Higuchi for Cavin-2 deficiency attenuates cardiac fibrosis and dysfunction in pressure-overloaded hearts, Ayumi Katayama for Comparative analysis of the effects EPA and DHA and Shu Nakao for 3D ultrastructure of the “arrhythmogenic” Purkinje fibre-ventricular junction in rabbit hearts.


Prof Juan Carlos Kaski giving the award certificates to: Yusuki Higushi, Ayumi Katayama and Shu Nakao



Poster sessions


Joint WHF/ISCP Plenary Session: WHFCEO Jean-Luc Eiselé participated in a joint WHF-ISCP Plenary Session on “Global Cardiovascular Risk Management to Achieve 25 by 25”


World Tobacco No Day Session: Toyoaki Murohara (Japan), Rei Goto (Japan), Lisa Demos (Australia)


Members of the ISCP Executive Committee and Board of Directors: Antoni Martínez-Rubio, (Spain), Juan Carlos Kaski (UK), Koji Hasegawa (Japan), President, Augusto Gallino (Switzerland), VP/ President Elect, Gheorghe-Andrei Dan, (Romania), Edgardo Escobar (Chile)



ISCP 2018 Reception: Prof Koji Hasegawa (Japan) with Prof Sang Hong Baek (Korea), Prof Antoni Martínez-Rubiowith Prof Lina Badimon (Spain), WHF Past President Chuichi Kawai.



ISCP 2018 Reception