24th Annual Scientific Meeting of the ISCP – Lugano, Switzerland

The 2019 Scientific Meeting in Lugano, Switzerland was a very successful meeting. The scientific program covered almost the whole spectrum of cardiovascular pharmacotherapy given by a formidable faculty including world leaders, among many others Eugene Braunwald, Salim Yusuf, and Peter Libby.

The program included  talks given by the  discoverers of  PCSK9  and rivaroxaban molecules – Catherine Boileau and Elisabeth Pezborn respectively, and an unforgettable face-to-face debate session between Stefan Windecker and Filippo Crea on the role of optimal medical care  versus interventional treatment in stable coronary artery disease.

The Henry  Neufeld Lecture and the Distinguished Eugene Braunwald Lecture, given by Professor Salim Yusuf and Eugene Braunwald crowned the two days meeting in the beautiful mediterranean part of Southern Switzerland.

Augusto Gallino
Co-President of the Organizing Committee, ISCP 2019 Lugano
President, ISCP

2019 Young Investigator Awards

Three poster presentations among 22 excellent posters presentations were awarded to young investigators by the ad hoc jury.

First Prize:
Network Meta-Analysis to Determine the Optimal Level of Systolic Blood Pressure for Hypertensive Patients
B.M.Y. Cheung. Y. Fei, M.F. Tsoi

Second Prize:
P21 Bile Acids as Novel Vascular Signalling Molecules and Therapeutic Target
A. Jomard, O. Chavez-Talavera, P. Doytcheva, A. Tailleux, C. Wolfrum, T. Lutz, F. Ruschitzka, A. von Eckardstein, B. Staels, E. Osto

Third Prize
P16 The perilousness of antidepressant drugs in a real-world cohort of patients with acute coronary syndrome
A. Denegri, L. Raeber, S. Windecker, B. Gencer, F. Mach, N. Rodondi, D. Heg, D. Nanchen, C. Matter, T. F. Luescher


Selected highlights of ISCP 2019