Henry N. Neufeld Memorial Award Lecture

I was deeply honoured to be asked to present the Henry H. Neufeld lecture which is an integral part of the ISCP Annual Scientific Meeting, a Society with whom I have had close links for many years.

In my own field of cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular pharmacology and atherosclerosis, I have been especially interested in improving understanding of mechanisms of disease and the pathophysiological bases for drug development and innovation in patient care. Presently I believe we are in a period of transition to reach a new dimension in patient treatment and drug development based on the new technologies, and the emerging platforms and opportunities. In consequence the subject of my talk “Precision Medicine: Molecular Phenotyping in Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy” was an opportunity to present my thoughts and ideas to an expert international group of professionals and also to a new group of very enthusiastic young fellows.

I am happy to see that on the ISCP website I can reach even a wider audience and I hope that those of you who hear the lecture for the first time find it of interest and of use in your professional lives.

Prof. Lina Badimon, Barcelona

Precision Medicine: Molecular Phenotyping in Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy

Prof. Lina Badimon – Cardiovascular Program-ICCC, IR-Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona