Dagva Mungunchimeg

Dr Dagva Mungunchimeg is the Director of the National Cardiovascular Center and President of the Mongolian Society of Cardiologists. She has worked at Shastin Central Hospital, Ulaanbaatar, for 25 years, since her graduation from the State University of Russia.

Dr Mungunchimeg has lead the Mongolian national telemedicine project since 2004. This project is leading initiatives for the establishment of a professional countrywide network involving all provincial and district hospitals and Central hospitals through online connection and regular scientific meetings. This project introduced advanced echocardiography diagnostics nationwide and significantly improved the capacity for cardiovascular disease management at all levels of the Mongolian national healthcare system. The project implementation contributed in a decrease of CVD mortality by 5.6 per 10,000 population in the last 15 years.


Email: mungunchimeg@telemedicine.mn