Annual Scientific Meeting

The ISCP Annual Meeting encompasses both the scientific sessions of the Society and the annual administrative activities demanded by the Statutes. The following administrative meetings take place during the Annual Meeting: General Assembly, Governors Meeting and if appropriate, Executive Committee Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting. The Accounts and current budget is are also presented for approval at the Annual Meeting.

The Annual Scientific Meetings are standalone meetings and take place in different countries. The ISCP endeavours to hold them in different continents/large geographical areas (i.e. Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia) on an alternate basis.

The Executive Committee selects the host country, which must be politically stable and easily accessible by ordinary means of transport. In addition, the ISCP appoints an International Congress Organisation (ICO) to coordinate and manage the event as appropriate and liaise directly with the LOC.

The ISCP works with the international professional conference organisers (ICO) and appoints an ad hoc national “local” organising committee (LOC) with overall responsibility for the conference. The LOC is asked to recommend a city and appropriate dates for the event to take place, taking into consideration any other international, regional or national conferences in the region. The Executive Board, in agreement with the Meetings Committee and the LOC, decides date and venue for the event and sets the registration fees.

The ISCP offers logistic support to the LOC particularly in relation to preparing the Scientific Programme. However, ISCP does not provide any funds and does not accept any responsibility regarding raising funds for the Conference. The responsibility for generating financial support rests with the LOC and the ICO.

The ISCP is a non-profit organisation and receives no official or regular subsidies.

Call for bids for the ISCP Annual Meeting taking place in 2025

If your organization is interested in hosting the Conference, please apply in writing to the ISCP Administration Office