Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy 1989

Even though our Society had already been founded in 1983 in Zurich by the late Professor Henry Neufeld (in the presence of Dr. Battler and with Dr. von Albertini as Executive Secretary), due to the untimely death of the founder the Society has only recently found a “regular rhythm.”

The first general assembly of ISCP took place on 29 October 1987 in San Francisco, and the second was held recently, on 30 August 1988, in Vienna. Dr. Neufeld appointed Dr. Taylor and myself in 1985 and in 1986 Drs. Kawai and Ross Jr. as members of the Board of this Society. During the general assembly in San Francisco the new Board as it now stands today was elected with the addition of Dr. Rapoport and with Dr. Opie as Honorary Member.

In April 1985, the First Symposium on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy took place in Geneva with Professor Henry Neufeld as President, and was a great success. In October 1987, the second meeting was organized by Dr. Rapoport in San Francisco and successfully brought the cardiovascular pharmacology to the forefront as well as adding a number of important Symposia. In addition Dr. Battler was elected to the position of Scientific Secretary. The abstracts of this meeting were published in the Journal of this Society, Cardiovascular Drugs & Therapy (Vol. 1, issue 3).

The official Journal sponsored by our Society, Cardiovascular Drugs & Therapy, published its first volume in 1987. Initially Drs. Opie and Neufeld were the Co-Editors but upon the death of Dr. Neufeld, Dr. Elliot Rapoport was elected to be Co-Editor. There are now six annual issues of considerable interest for physicians and cardiologists working in the medical field of cardiovascular therapy. Besides editorial comments on controversial subjects, exhaustive review articles, and Symposia, there are many new articles in the general area of cardiovascular drugs and therapy. Approximately two-thirds of the articles are clinically oriented and approximately one-third towards basic experimental pharmacology.

To promote international exchange of information among physicians, cardiologists, and pharmacologists engaged in the field of cardiovascular therapy, the Society has a triad of objectives: (1) the regular Con-gresses and Symposia held every two years at an important international center, (2) the continued activity presented by publication of the Journal which guarantees the promotion of international exchange of information, as laid down in our Constitution, and (3) the continuation of the Society itself.

So that our Society can grow and flourish, we have to increase our membership, and we particularly aim at attracting young cardiologists who are eager to promote these goals. For the future, we are considering, possibly with pharmaceutical support, to fund young investigators for periods of clinical and basic training and research, and to receive membership of our Society.

There is much opportunity available at the next Congress in Kyoto. By combining registration for the Congress with membership in the Society (which includes the subscription to Cardiovascular Drugs & Therapy) there is a considerable reduction in the actual registration fee required for the Kyoto Congress. We hope that many new members, kindly offered by Dr. Kawai, will increase the active membership in our Society.